3 Reasons Why Joel Kinnaman Could Be The Next Great Superhero

Photo: Latino Review

The first full-length trailer for José Padilha’s RoboCop remake hit the web over the weekend. Aside from a cast packed with famous names of Batman caliber like Gary Oldman and Michael Keaton, RoboCop will mark what could be a breakout role for Joel Kinnaman in 2014. Right now, he’s still known mainly as Detective Stephen Holder from AMC’s The Killing and as actress Olivia Munn’s boyfriend. That might soon change, however, as the trailer seems to promise some crowd-pleasing action and one serious black metal getup from Kinnaman as the robot-slash-man Alex Murphy. Mostly, we should place our faith on what nuance Kinnaman himself might bring to the role. Here are a few reasons why Joel Kinnaman might be the next Robert Downey Jr. a la Iron Man.

  1. He already plays one of the coolest cops on TV.

Judging from the two or three brief lines of dialogue from Kinnaman that the trailer shows, the new Alex Murphy will have some of Holder’s ‘tude, toughness and smooth, slightly street rat drawl. Now add super robot strength, and poof! A superhero with cred.

2. He looks…scrappy.

Moviegoers have become tired of the squeaky clean boy-turned-man archetype (Tobey Maguire’s goofy goober rendition of Spiderman was its last dying breath). Joel Kinnaman looks like he’s been smoking cigarettes since he was ten, and his dark and broody features are a great setup for the whole “inner demons” theme essential to the Batman’s of today. Like he could actually find a way to kick your ass, robot or not.

3. He’s dating the nerd princess of Hollywood.

Before her Newsroom days, Olivia Munn was a G4 (the channel that forever celebrates Star Wars and ninjas) presenter, cosplay fan and Comic-Con regular. She’s professed her love and expertise for the superhero genre more than a few times, and made a cameo on Iron Man. Kinnaman’s lady probably gave him actually useful pointers for his new role.

Written by Suzie Hodges.


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