The Hairy Hilarity of Young America’s Heartthrob

ImageLove him or hate him, in recent days we’ve been begging the question that has baffled us all: what’s the deal with Justin Bieber’s new stache?

Bewilderment for the 19-year-old’s fuzzy face has permeated the pages of Perez Hilton (“O.M.G. What is on Justin Bieber’s face?!”), E! Online (“Cue the bar mitzvah music, because Justin Bieber is a man now!”), ABC News (“He’s no Ron Burgundy…but Justin Bieber is trying his best to rock a mustache.”), and The Cut (“For a pubescent multimillionaire desperate to prove his manliness, this is a big moment. The fame-per-follicle ratio is simply staggering.”).

And if the commentary isn’t enough to prove that Biebes’ new facial hair is a really big deal, then check out some of the accompanying slide shows, like E! Online’s Photoshop spread, The Cut’s uncomfortably close zoom-ins, and Just Jared‘s gallery of the Biebes showing off his new face to fans after a round of bowling.

So, with all this new-found man glory, are the tweens on the Bieber bandwagon going to have to make room for the rest of us?

Eh, probably not…

– Julia Friedman


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