Five Songs Proving The Beatles Weren’t As Clean As You Think

I constantly hear people say that music today is only about nasty sex, and that the Beatles “only wanted to hold your hand,” as if it were an argument against the quality of modern music. Now the Beatles were a talented band, but any knowledgeable fan of theirs knows that they had more than their fair share of women, and their love of the dirty deed certainly came out in their music. Here are five songs that will make you reconsider how innocent those lovely lads from Liverpool really were:


 1.)  “Day Tripper”: Here we have a song dedicated to the hundreds of one-night-stands that the boys had during their time on the road. For example, they sing “Tried to please her, she only played one night stands.” This lyric might have sounded innocent at the time, but I think it’s safe to say now that they weren’t just holding hands with those women.

2.)  “Norwegian Wood”: The opening lyrics are “I once had a girl, or should I say, she once had me.” Sounds like he gave this girl a good time with his “Norwegian wood” if you know what I mean. They didn’t make the true meaning of the song too obvious, but after listening carefully, it is clear that this is a one night stand gone wrong as he burns her house down in the end. Yikes.

3.)   “Girl”: This is an interesting one, as the clever boys inserted a string of naughty words that even their producer, George Martin, didn’t catch. If you listen carefully at the backing vocals at certain points of the song, you hear something like “dit dit dit” but they are actually saying “tit tit tit” over and over again. So children all across America were listening to the fab four sing about titties on the radio in 1966. Talk about subliminal messages.

4.)  “Penny Lane”: A charming tune sung by the baby-faced Paul McCartney, this song has some rather raunchy lyrics. When he sings about a “four of fish and finger pies,” he is actually referring to the English slang term for fondling lady bits. And then there’s the fireman who “keeps his fire engine clean.” I don’t think he’s talking about a shiny red truck here.

5.)  “Why Don’t We Do It In the Road?”: The Beatles are blatantly talking about doing it in the road. That could not be any clearer. They are coming out and asking, “hey, why not have sex in the middle of the road, out in public?” While it certainly isn’t their deepest song, I would definitely consider it their dirtiest.

By Angela Flynn


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