Lil Wayne, Justin Bieber Awkwardly Escort Floyd Mayweather Jr. into The Ring

Remember boxing of old? Heavyweights like Muhammad Ali taking a walk toward the ring in monogrammed satin robes paired with boxing gloves, high-roller spectators in tux’s and gowns filling up the front rows. Groups of men young and old tuning into the TV coverage and throwing some steaks on the grill. Boxing was a mixed symbol of class, wealth, pure violence, and the most manly kind of glory.

Enter Justin Bieber and Lil Wayne. Apparently JBiebs and Weezy are looking to boxing as the next most manly tool to boost their reps. The musicians made a slow and painfully awkward entrance at Floyd Mayweather’s side last night before his fight against Canelo Alvarez in Las Vegas. Lil Wayne rapped to “A Milli” with increasing hysteria. Bieber swayed back and forth in all black and chunky shades, whilst licking his lips like a mini R. Kelly and looking generally aloof.

Their buddy status with the boxer isn’t wholly surprising. Mayweather probably trains to Lil Wayne’s music. But Bieber? Does this mean Mayweather occasionally pounds his fists into a buckling punching bag to the pre-pubescent pitched words, “Baby, baby, baby, oooh?” For the glory and goodness of one of America’s most revered sports, please, God, no.

Watch the walk in action via JustJared:

-Suzie Hodges


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