Palmist Gives Reason to Rihanna’s Independence, Prince William’s Sense of Duty

kimkardashianAnd all the while we thought HD cameras were invented for creeping on celebrities at the pool and collecting evidence of marital strife with zoom-ins of ring fingers. 

But people like Mark Seltman, The Cut’s resident master palmist, recognize that celebrities are real people, too. In his world, HD isn’t for deciphering Angelina Jolie‘s obscure tattoos, its for understanding her personality—her low-set thumb means she’s a freedom fighter.  

Lindsay Lohan‘s “separated head and life lines” explain her rebelliousness, while her “held back, curved pinky finger” may provide insight into her relationship issues.  

James Franco‘s “far over life line” tells us that the actor is passionate for the arts. (Wait, did we really need a palmist to tell us that?) 

And my personal favorite reading: Kim Kardashian‘s “finger and thumb forward posture,” meaning that she is unsure of herself. How about the self-tanner staining her fingers? Isn’t that more of an indication of her character than any wrinkle can tell us? 

Are you sold on these palm readings? Or should we get back to what HD was meant for: beach vacation pics? 

-Julia Friedman


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