NBC Releases Carrie Underwood ‘Sound of Music Live!’ Poster, Cast

Call it the decade of remakes. We’ve seen the Coen Brothers lasso in – and master – John Wayne’s classic True Grit. Henry Cavill donned spandex to give the Man of Steel another round on the silver screen. Even ’80s classic Footloose (inexplicably) danced its way into the 2010s.

Not to be left out of the club, NBC is taking down the ultimate classic: Sound of Music. The network claims its live musical will be based on the original Broadway show. The poster, released today, suggests otherwise.
Carrie Underwood, cast in Julie Andrews’ name-making role, strikes the wide-eyed, arms-thrown-open-to-embrace-the-mountains pose made famous by her predecessor. Just try and block out “My Favorite Things” from jingling in your head while you ponder the casting.
Sound of Music Live! will air Dec. 5 at 8:30 pm ET, but you can check out the new stars with their 1965 counterparts now.

The Sound of Music - Season 2013        musicDM2303_468x712-1
Above: Leiderhosen-clad Carrie Underwood takes on Maria in a pose reminiscent of Julie Andrews’ famous character.

Below: Stephen Moyer will put away his True Blood fangs to fill role of Captain Vonn Trapp, originally played by Christopher Plummer.
Stephen_Moyer_cropped       tumblr_l8n3xsw3mn1qajc4eo1_500
Below: Tony-award winning stage vet Audra McDonald will play the the scolding Mother Abbess.
Audra-McDonald-Private-Practice      url-1
– Liz Childers


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