Swallowing Snakes: American Horror Story ‘s Newest Sultry Teaser

The devilish teasing is almost over. But not quite.

The creative team of FX’s American Horror Story season 3, subtitled “Coven,” has been successfully tight-lipped about plot details all summer, doling out only tiny crumbs from their disturbing creative cookie jar in the form of provocative, but vague posters and video clips. For months fans have been tantalized by these fantastically eerie images of levitating women, human voodoo dolls, and witches burning at the stake. But with the Oct. 9 premiere drawing near, they’ve turned the heat up yet another notch.

In their newest 26-second long teaser, a seductively red-lipped woman deep throats a snake, swallows it hole, and wipes the side of her mouth in delight. In the video’s final seconds, the snake’s thin pink tongue protrudes from her lips and the tip of its pale head begins to slither out of her mouth. Both erotic and unsettling, it certainly gives Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball” video a run for its money.

-Morgan Ribera


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