50 Shades of Grey Wine Exists


It goes a little something like this: in E.L. James’ wildly popular adult romance series “50 Shades of Grey,” the main character’s older, more experienced lover loves more than just sex. He also really likes wine — expensive wine. So, now joining the likes of Train’s wine “Drops of Jupiter” and Sting’s wine “Sister Moon” is the 50 Shades of Gray wine. Actually make that wines. The red wine is named “Red Satin” and the white wine is “White Silk” (hardy-har, I smell a pun). 

One can assume Christian Grey would hate this wine. At only $17.99 a bottle, it’s certainly not fancy enough for his tastes. One can also assume that the last thing E.L. James needs is more money. At last count, the world’s highest earning author had racked in a cool $95 million.

(Fifty Shades of Grey Wine)

-Jessica Lee


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