Kevin Spacey’s Hilarious Close-Up at The Emmys in GIF

SpaceyWhile everyone was busy buzzing about Merritt Weaver’s amazingly cursory speech, gushing over Will Ferrell’s adorable spawn, and bemoaning Jeff Daniels’ undeserved unexpected win, there’s one moment that seemed to sneak under the radar — Kevin Spacey aggressively shooing away the camera mid-ceremony.

Viewers most likely remember his House of Cards‘ persona’s soliloquy in the middle of Neil Patrick Harris’s opening monologue (which played out hilariously), but I think this unrehearsed moment is more of a gem. Was he serious? Was he kidding? We’ll probably never know. Unless he decides to answer in my ‘comments’ section. But it doesn’t really matter does it? All that matters is that Kevin Spacey plays the enigmatic badass yet again and I, personally, can’t get enough.

-Alyson Penn


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