HeisenGear: For the love of Breaking Bad

Things you might need for the Breaking Bad finale this Sunday:

Vulture has compiled a list of Etsy’s best Breaking Bad crafts and accessories. Why not a Heisenkoozie for your Heineken? Or a lovely HeisenOrnament for your holiday decorations? So many choices.

Perhaps make your own blue meth cupcakes for the occasion, but not if you’re in Glasgow in the UK. According to Slate a few locals found a store’s “blue meth cupcakes” to be in bad taste. How dare they promote sugar and meth addition. Alberquerque’s Rebel Donuts have their own Blue Sky Donut, endorsed by Jesse Pinkman himself. The Candy Lady has moved 25,000 bags of their blue rock candy since the end of last season. While business has been better for Walter White.

Show your spirit with a Los Pollos Hermanos Shirt or maybe Breaking Bad Bath Salts.

AMC starts the Breaking Bad marathon today, all 61 episodes played in succession, if you feel inclined to catch up for the conclusion.

-Megan S.


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