Breaking Bad Props You Can Actually Kind Of Afford



Image: Flickr, Chris Sully

This Sunday, September 29, ScreenBid will begin auctioning off props from the coolest show on TV (and OMG only one more episode you guys!), Breaking Bad. Among the props that are sure to provoke a bidding Battle Royale are Hector Salamanca’s wheelchair (bidding starts at a cool $5,000), Walter White’s inscribed copy of Leaves of Grass ($3,000), the eyeless pink teddy bear ($1,500), and Walter White’s yellow Hazmat suit ($1,500).

Mashable has already rounded up a few of the coolest items on the auction block, but what good does cool do those of us who aren’t millionaires? While most items are way out of the average grad student’s price range, here are a few more modest Breaking Bad props that you can own. Sort of modest, anyway.

  • Gus Fring’s Air Freshener ($100)
  • Mike’s Binoculars ($50)
  • Glassware from the meth lab ($100; awesome)
  • Pollos Hermanos batter buckets ($150; double awesome)
  • Salamanca cousins’ axe ($150; plus you can intimidate people with it)
  • DEA mug ($100)
  • Tio Salamanca’s oxygen tank ($100)
  • Hank’s minerals ($35)
  • Jesse’s Hello Kitty phone ($100)
  • Drew Sharp’s tarantula jar ($35)

There’s actually a lot of cool stuff in the $100 range, but the auction will likely drive those prices way, way up. You may have to settle for one of Hank’s rocks – sorry, sorry, minerals.

– Rebecca H. (aka Heisenbecca)



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