Kanye v. Kimmel

The threat level at “Jimmy Kimmel Live” reached “DefKanye Five” yesterday when the late-night host, however improbably, found himself in his very own rap feud with Kanye West.

The offense? Earlier this week, Kimmel aired a sketch using child actors to reenact the actual transcript of West’s recent interview with BBC Radio 1, one in which he called himself the most important rock star of them all.

West was none too pleased about Kimmel’s take on what he called “the most honest piece of media in years,” turning to Twitter for an all-caps attack on Kimmel’s character, his ex-girlfriend and his face #yeezusbecrazy. Later, on the phone, West again attempted to put the fear in Kimmel. “I am the most powerful voice in media,” he said. “I am Pac!”

West’s monumental overreaction has raised more than a few eyebrows, but, then again, if he can get that riled up over leather jogging pants, it only makes sense.

~Claire Oliver


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