Beatles Fans Receive a Response 50 Years in the Making


Fifty years late is better than never.

At least that’s how Paul McCartney felt about his response to a rather dated piece of fan mail. The fan message, recorded by Linda Phillips and Barbara Bezant in 1963, was purchased by a man at a flea market who realized it was something special. The girls recorded themselves saying things like “This dream is just to come round the back and see you, but I don’t suppose that’ll ever happen. But we can always live in hope, can’t we?”

The owner of the recording tracked down the women with the help of the BBC magazine program The One Show. The BBC then reunited the women after 40 years, and brought them to the Beatles Story Exhibition in Liverpool, where they received a very late response from Mr. McCartney:

“Hi Linda and Barbara, thanks very much for you lovely tape. It finally got through, better late than never. Great to hear that you found each other after all these years. Keep enjoying the music, love Paul.”

By: Angela Flynn


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