Writers requested: Adam’s new tv blog www.BingeWatchingisArt.blogspot.com

Hey guys,

I find modern television to be the most viable of all commercial art forms. Not knocking movies (“Rush” made me cry this weekend, literally, don’t judge) but I think it’s safe to say that the most exciting things happening in cinematic story telling is on TV.

I am still in the process of setting up the look of the blog but my idea is that it will be a collaborative effort with posts acting as weekly recaps of current shows, but also longer think pieces written during the process of binge watching entire series on Netflix, Hulu, DVD or whatever. I want different opinions on the same show, so say if someone has already written about “The Sopranos” that doesn’t mean you can’t write about “The Sopranos.” The great thing about art is people perceive it in different ways, and tv is art, and that’s the point of the blog.

If people want to call different shows for weekly recaps, then you would need to literally do a weekly recap. I am doing “New Girl” (the least guilty of my guilty pleasures) and “Eastbound and Down.” Anyone who wants to contribute, please do.

aside: Also my music blog ThedeclarationofMusicalIndependence.com is lagging in material and I am accepting pitches from sources outside of my own brain. I have gotten too busy to post with the regularity that I’d like to be posting. It has a decent readership and is a good way to flex your voice.

-Adam Lehrer



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