3 Hints About How ‘Glee’ Will Address Cory Monteith’s Drug-Related Death


Since Sunday, loyal fans of AMC’s Breaking Bad continue to rave about the series finale that tied up all loose plot ends and brought closure to audiences holding their breath. But the same will not be said for those who watch Glee — in a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, actors of the Fox musical dramedy reveal that though Monteith’s passing from a heroin overdose will be addressed in the Oct. 10 episode, not all questions will explicitly be answered. Here are three hints about what’s to come:

Monteith’s character, Finn Hudson, will not die from an accidental overdose. Entitled “The Quarterback,” the third episode of the season does promise to deal directly with the topic of addiction — which is previously uncharted territory for a show that has tackled bullying, homophobia, binge drinking, teen pregnancy, suicide attempts, cross dressing and “catfish-ing.”

Hudson’s death will be felt on both locations. Though half the characters living in New York and the rest still in high school in Ohio, reactions from both cities will be shown throughout the episode. The cast promises that the episode is a celebration of his life, and supposes that flashback footage may be included.

Don’t expect Breaking Bad-style closure. When asked if fans will receive closure for Finn’s character, Jane Lynch played off her character’s catchphrase by saying: “No. And that’s one of the things that Sue says: ‘There’s no happy ending.'”

Monteith was found dead July 13 at the age of 31. An autopsy revealed that the actor died of “mixed drug toxicity, involving heroin and alcohol.”

Ashley L.



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