Grumpy Cat Covers New York Mag, Dubbed a Boom Brand


This week, New York slapped its cover with a weird truth: that odd niche corner of pop culture, once geared towards cat ladies with leashes and wild hair, is slowly expanding. What does this say about the American ethos?

LOLCats jumped started the boom with nonsensical “I Can Haz Cheezeburger” memes. This past August, the second annual Cat Video Festival garnered significantly more attention (read: people knew it was happening this year) in Minneapolis. While I know very few people who have ever actually made it to their favorite authors appearance at The Strand, Lil’ Bub’s September reading had hundreds of fans lined around the block.

Grumpy Cat’s stare from a magazine – a publication generally considered to cover a city’s culture that is just slightly more sophisticated/proud/high-brow than the rest of America – is oddly significant. Granted, the angry feline did take home the Golden Kitty award at this year’s film fest, and as the article argues, “she’s just another pop culture personality to be branded and marketed.” But is this really one of America’s greatest “Boom Brands of the Post-Crash Economy”?

Last time America emerged from an economic spiral, Frank Sinatra and Rosie the Riveter carried America’s spirits. This time, we are told, we have latched onto a one-year-old kitten, who suffers from dwarfism and an underbite.

Source: New York Magazine

-Liz C


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