Jeopardy! Battle Of The Decades – Open To Online Voting


The television show that I watch more than any other is “Jeopardy!” It helps that new episodes are aired daily on weekdays for ten months out of the year. In an era of gimmicky game shows that started with “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” and has most recently landed on “The Million Second Quiz,” I’ve appreciated that Alex Trebek’s program has remained classic in its simplicity. Well, until now.

In honor of its 30th season, “Jeopardy!” has just announced a new tournament: The Battle Of The Decades. This spectacle will feature memorable champions from the 80s’, 90s’ and 00s’ to see which player reigns supreme. Viewers can vote online for a “fan favorite” to return from each decade; voting for the ‘80s opened this week.

This is the first time where “Jeopardy!” viewers have a say in which players they’ll see on the quiz show. Other tournaments, like the one for teachers or college students, are chosen via the program’s standard online test and subsequent follow-up tests, while the Tournament of Champions is determined the number of days players have won.

While I’m disappointed to see that “Jeopardy!” has succumbed to pressures of our social media age, I’m optimistic that voters will pick quality players that will enhance the competition. We’ll have to wait until next February to see if this is true.

-Laura Gurfein


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