Grantville, GA: The Next Stop On Your Walking Dead Tour de Zombie


Photo: THR

AMC’s Walking Dead rises again October 13th, and now you can walk the streets of the show’s past filming locations in rural Georgia, just like the zombies of Season 3! And at virtually no cost, because it’s rural Georgia!  Though showrunners keep a tight lid on filming locations to prevent an actual zombie-like chaos of mad fans flocking to get a peek while the episodes are still in production, past locations have emerged over time. Among them is the small town of Grantville, GA.

As fans can’t exactly get a piece of Rick’s Season 1 struggles through a fictional, post-apocalyptic Atlanta’s rooftops and shopping malls, the country town 49 miles south of Georgia’s big city is ripe for revisiting scenes from episodes like last season’s “Clear.” Grantville was easily transformed into an abandoned town for such scenes, according to its mayor, Jim Sells, who offers visitors official scene-by-scene tours of specific filming locations. A freight depot here, an old saloon-style bar there, toss some dust and hazy lighting on it, and Grantville became ready for the 3,600 plus fans who have visited since last summer.

Grantville is only one of several spots where fans can go to picture a thrilling life of gathering old canned country store supplies, slaying zombies in abandoned pharmacies, and battling inner psychological turmoil on quiet curbsides. You can even check out Grantville and Georgia’s other scattered towns benefiting from the Walking Dead’s need for zombielands using a nifty fan-created page: Happy haunting to you crazy, corpse-loving kids out there!

The real Grantville, GA. Photo: Walking Dead Locations

via THR & AP

-Suzie Hodges


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