Paris Hilton Reveals New Song Featuring Lil Wayne


Paris Hilton has a new song. Yes, new because let us not forget “Stars are Blind,” a reggae-esque song she released in 2006.

“Good Time” features Lil Wayne and just sounds oh-so Paris Hilton. Breathy voice and lyrics like “I came here just to party; ah please don’t you hate on me.”

“We wrote it together so it was a lot of fun coming up with the song,” Hilton recently told VIBE, “The beat is incredible, the drop is so much fun. I can’t wait for everyone to hear it.”

The music video features shots of Hilton in a bathing suit (because, of course) as well as partying at a night club. But what were we expecting?

The song is off of the socialite’s upcoming LP, Cash Money, which is expected to be released in early 2014.

Watch and listen for yourself by clicking the image above.

[VIBE] [Rolling Stone]

-Jessica Lee


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