Paul McCartney Invented the Selfie – Or So He Thinks

And people thought Paul McCartney’s greatest accomplishment was being a Beatle.

McCartney was on Jimmy Fallon last night promoting his latest album, New, but when Fallon propped up an old photo of the rockstar taking a picture of himself, he instead began to promote his contribution to social media.

“Well, most people don’t actually know that I invented the selfie,” he said, after which the audience (and Fallon) erupted into applause and laughter. According to Uproxx though, the “selfie” was really invented near the turn of the 20th century. Well, perhaps McCartney simply made it cool.

But the photo fun doesn’t end there! Yet another picture held up by Fallon shows McCartney “inventing” the photo bomb. What a trend setter.

The Beatles may have broken up in 1970, but McCartney’s contribution to amateur, egotistical photography will live on forever.

Source: Time, Uproxx

By: Angela Flynn


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