Will Robin Cheat On Barney with… Captain America? Marvel Ponderings, All in Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.

SHield1) In our ever-expanding Marvel universe, we now have the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. to grapple with the existence of the Chitauri, alternate dimensions, the Tesseract, and the purpose of Black Widow (But really, if Scarlett Johansson played that role with half the spunk she did in Don Jon perhaps we’d cut her a break). S.H.I.E.L.D. needs a serious adrenaline rush if they are going to overcome the stigma of being “B-grade Avengers” (see Vulture’s review). Upside, Phil Coulson is back, who unless you were living under a rock, you saw die at the hands of Loki’s smirk in The Avengers. He is resurrected; we don’t know how (just yet).

2) Sam Jackson is rumored to have future guest appearances on the show as  S.H.I.E.L.D. commander Nick Fury, only fitting to be with his right hand man Coulson. Had HIMYM not had Cobie HillSmulders on lockdown, perhaps she would have reprised her leather-jumpsuited role, Agent Maria Hill, in the show. But alas, Scherbatsky, and Canada, wins.

3) In future Marvel ventures, we look ahead to Thor: The Dark World (this November) and Captain America: The Winter Soldier (April 2014)Both will likely serve as a bridge to a box-office megalodon sequel, The Avengers: Age of Ultron (May 2015). In the comics, Agent Hill, Smulder’s character, has a relationship with Chris Evans’ Captain America (salute), and she dumps him (ouch). Will this play out in Whedon’s version? Imagine Coulson’s jealousy. Captain America trading card in-hand, as he watches them walk off into the sunset. We love you, Phil.

Spader4) The enemy in The Avengers sequel is Ultron. In comic book lore, Ultron is an ultra-smart robot created by Tony Stark and genius biochemist Hank Pym to “save humanity.” The problem is, we as humans are so screwed up, Ultron decides the only way to save humanity is to destroy it. Yikes. Ultron is set to be voiced by James Spader, Josh Whedon’s “only choice” for the role. I second that.

5) Ant-Man is set to come out just months after the Avenger’s sequel. Ant-Man, also known in some forums and YellowJacket, but really just a biochemist named Dr. Hank Pym. The script is still in rewrite stage. Simon Pegg and Star Trek co-star Benedict Cumberbatch are on the list, but the top choice for Pym’s role is Adrien Brody.

magneto16) Also joining the Avengers are Elizabeth Olson as the Scarlet Witch and Aaron Taylor Johnson as her twin brother Quicksilver. How do they have powers you ask? Their father was Erik Lensherr, better known as Magneto, who becomes Hank Pym‘s greatest enemy in the X-men comics. The same Magneto that killed Kevin Bacon with a Nazi coin to the brain in X-Men: First Class.


Six long degrees. Boom.

-Meg S.


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