David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson want to do another X Files movie, by Adam Lehrer


X-FIles was awesome. The operative word in that short sentence being of course, “was.”

For a while it was the most interesting and unique show on television. Without it, there’d be no “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” maybe no “Lost.” But, when watching it now, it is dated as all hell. The 22 episode seasons does not suit a drama series, so “X Files” would have their “Monster of the Week” episodes that were cool and scary while it aired, but when you binge watch it now, it just distracts for the overall more interesting series arc of the alien invasion and the death of Mulder’s sister (of which was finally explained in the lamest way possible). There is just no more story to tell here. No more dumb ass monsters for Mulder and Scully to vanquish while eye fucking eachother through the whole show. 

So why do the series’ stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson want to do yet another film, despite the fact that the last one was an atrocity? They are bored. Pure and simple.

Duchovny still has “Californication,” but while that series’ raunchy sexcapades were entertaining in the first two seasons, it has now become the most repetitive show on television, true to Showtime’s nature of beating their plot lines with a hammer and re-serving them over and over again (“Weeds,” “Dexter”). Not to mention, the whole thing has just gotten creepy, as if Duchovny is trying to trick young women into thinking that he’s still sexy by sleeping with a bunch of fictional women on his fictional show. Maybe he is so willing to jump back into Mulder’s black suit because he is trying to remind us why we all loved him in the first place. Pretty pathetic, if you ask me. Especially considering Duchovny left “The X Files” before the show ended. His reason, he was bored playing the same character. That was 2000.

Anderson’s motives for the desire to do the movie are more obvious requiring less analysis. She needs work. Her career is in the shithole. I can’t recall any non-Scully work she’s done aside from fucking James Mcavoy in the beginning of “The Last King of Scotland.” So yeah, can’t argue with her there.

But as a fan, please leave this idea in outer space, where the tired plot lines of this series can float around and not invade our airwaves.


-Adam Lehrer


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