Alison Gold Soon To Become the New Rebecca Black with Debut Single “Chinese Food”

It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost three years since the world came to know–and, admit it, love!–Rebecca Black, the notorious brown-eyed teenager who claimed fame with her debut single “Friday.”

Released in March 2011 by ARK Music Factory (a company that allows artists and parents to pay a fee in exchange for the singer getting her own song and music video), “Friday” became a fad overnight, drawing in millions of listeners and viewers to hear absurd, albeit catchy and accurate lyrics detailing why Friday is the best day everrrr (spoiler alert: because it’s the day we “gotta get down”).

Shortly after Black, Alana Lee dropped her single “Butterflies,” also produced by ARK Music Factory, that garnered a respectable audience, yet still dismal compared to Black’s earlier success.

alison-gold-chinese-foodNicole Westbrook came close to beating Black’s YouTube hits with “It’s Thanksgiving,” a song about, you guessed it: Thanksgiving! And turkey! And mashed potatoes! A song so delicious is hard to top, but newcomer Alison Gold shows exceptional promise with her debut single “Chinese Food,” way more enticing than singing about days of the week and boring old mashed potatoes.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing the “Chinese Food” music video yet, here’s what you have to look forward to:

1) A rapping man-panda.
2) Pillow fights, Monopoly, and sleepovers!
3) Auto-tune.
4) Chow mein that radiates sparkles and rainbows.
5) A frolicking man-panda.
6) Relateble themes of getting hungry and loving wonton soup.

-Julia Friedman


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