Preview of What Not To Wear’s Final Moments


And finally, the bittersweet moment suburban fashionista’s have been awaiting: the emotional finale of “What Not to Wear.” And here is a preview of WNTW’s final moments, which happen to be a send off party in Las Vegas.

The tears are coming.

In the preview, we see the show’s stars Stacey London and Clinton Kelly walking through a room full of former WNTW contestants, hugging and screaming “OH MY GOSH! LOOK AT YOU!” in their faces. It was like watching drunk people at your college homecoming scream about how much they missed people they were hardly friends with. Though this duo was a bit classier than that, naturally.

“I want to stay here forever,” Stacey proclaimed once she and Clinton made their way to the stage in front of the massive group. Well, sadly the party’s over you two. After 10 seasons of the makeover show, Stacey and Clinton will soon be taking their last bow. The final episode, which takes place in Las Vegas, airs October 18th on TLC.

Source: People

By: Angela Flynn


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