Charlie Hunnam ditches the 50 Shades’ sex-master role. Who will be the new Christian Grey?

50 Shades of Grey catapulted to the top of Facebook timelines and gossip sites just six weeks ago as the cast was announced. In a dramatic reversal, Charlie Hunnam’s awkward exit from the cast has the book-cum-movie is popping back up.


With just two weeks before the flick starts filming its erotic scenes in Vancouver, the movie is without a lead. The 33-year-old Brit, best known for his Sons of Anarchy role, claims his schedule is just too crowded to make the movie. As Contact Music points out, the reasoning is a bit odd since the SOA film schedule is known well in advance.

Adding more rumors for 50 Shades swooners to fret over, E! Online reports Dakota Johnson, the female lead, is also having cold feet. The relatively unknown actress, who is also Melanie Griffith’s daughter, was catapulted into the spotlight when her casting was announced.

Who will fill the big (dominating) role of Christian Grey? The many names that swirled around the movie have popped back up with White Collar’s Matt Bomer at the forefront.



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