Meet @tofu_product: Twitters Newest Star, Who Sounds Kind of Like You

Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 1.47.11 PMTwitter has been in the news lot recently: their IPO made the cover of The New York Times Magazine, profile of creator Jack Dorsey in the New Yorker, and Bloomberg just reported that they doubled revenue in the last quarter.  That’s all well and great (and the Dorsey profile was really interesting).

But let’s be real, Twitter’s real star this week has been @tofu_product created by programmer Joe Toscano.  It is like AIM’s Smarter Child, but so much better.  This twitter bot looks at your past tweets and replies to you in a way that should mimic the way you speak.  It is just highbrow meets lowbrow enough to land its own New Yorker spot.

The algorithm bot needs a bit of time to warm up though.  First its replies are nonsensical and terribly hilarious — yet creepily on the money with subject matter.  They range from sounding like strange non-sequiters to oddly sage-like.  Here are some of my favorites:

And of course I can’t forget my moment with @tofu_product it was almost like talking to myself:


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