Is ‘The Simpsons’ A Show For Children? FCC Complaints Leaked

FCC Simpsons

Quite a few people who watch The Simpsons have problems with its content to the point of filing formal FCC complaints, as revealed in documents collected by and posted on Gawker.

Many of the objections center around concern that children might be negatively influenced. One viewer asserts that parents allow kids “as young as 4” to watch it. Sure, The Simpsons is a cartoon about a family, but does that its content and humor is clearly not meant for children. That said, there are cartoons for kids (Courage the Cowardly Dog, anyone?) that have far more disturbing fare than Homer’s naked backside.

In which nudity is NEVER OKAY:

FCC Simpsons 1

In which the viewer composed a poem?

FCC Simpsons 2

In which The Simpsons should be sensitive to religious folk:
(I’m offended that this viewer didn’t bother to capitalize “bible”!)

FCC Simpsons 3

In which teenagers might want to emulate hillbillies:

FCC Simpsons 4

In which children might want to emulate…a train?

FCC Simpsons 5

In which “poop” and “pee” are offensive:
(Shame, there’s no way to figure out which episode this was since it was a rerun.)

FCC Simpsons 6

In which there is no clear complaint:

FCC Simpsons 7

In which Bart experiences “sexual agony” at the hands of his sister:
(To be fair, quite a few other complaints were about scenes involving kicks to Bart’s groin, which I agree could be disturbing to some extent. However, I don’t think this viewer used quite the right phrase…)

FCC Simpsons 8

In which Fox should maybe only show Sean Hannity 24/7:

FCC Simpsons 9

In which Matt Groening the person is inadvertently rude:
(Even the station operator thought this complaint was funny!)

FCC Simpsons 10

—Laura L.


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