There’s an actual grave for Walter White in Albuquerque, and not everyone is digging it


(Photo: Yahoo)

“Breaking Bad” fans now have a physical monument where they can pay their respects to both Walter White and their beloved AMC drama.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, fans held a funeral Oct. 19 for TV’s anti-hero-du-jour at a real cemetery in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where the series was filmed. More than 200 people attended in the service, during which attendees could pay to pour dirt on an empty coffin — an offer that ended up netting more than $17,000 for charity.

The organizers behind the grave see it as a potential tourism boon for the city, but others whose actually-departed loved ones rest in the cemetery said the memorial is just plain disrespectful.

For now, the headstone has been relocated to a nearby steakhouse, and there’s a petition out that’s already garnered 800 signatures to make the move permanent. The cemetery’s caretakers said that if too much of a crowd gathers, they’ll follow through on the threat.

~Claire Oliver


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