Danielle Fishel Marries, Dashing Millennials’ Pre-Teen Dreams of Topanga Lawrence, Corey Matthews Union

In Topanga Lawrence’s wedding, I always imagined Eric blithely announcing his objection in the church prompting a droll, yet emphatic “sit DOWN, Mr. Matthews!” from Mr. Feeney.

Neither were shouted this weekend and surely Corey is heartbroken. Danielle Fishel, an actress inextricably tied to her Boy Meets World Character in the hearts and minds of ‘90s kids everywhere, did, however, say “I do” this weekend. (Other poor stars forever stuck in their roles thanks to millennials inability to move on: Mischa Barton will always be Marissa, standing on The O.C. driveway in a brooding staring contest with Ryan as he drives away. James Van Der Beek is Dawson, constantly making one of the least attractive crying faces in television history after Joey stomps on his heart. I digress.)

Fishel, 32, met Tim Belusko, 25, while earning her undergraduate degree at California State University, Fullerton. She was his math tutor. He bears an unusual resemblance to Uncle Jesse.

But that’s not all: Rider Strong aka Shawn Hunter, Corey’s best friend also got married this weekend!

Ladies, Ben Savage is still single.



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