Hulu Horror Binge

For all those lovers of bloody cult classics and good old b-movie gore, Hulu is joining forces with Fangoria, the slasher film fan magazine, to craft a new horror channel just in time for Halloween season. The magazine’s staff will cull from an extensive catalog of bloody favorites and Hulu will host them for their viewers’ streaming pleasures, adding new selections to its offerings each day. So if you’re tired of the usual spooky fare, go ahead and bask in an indie pre-Halloween movie bender. Check out the trailers below for just a few to jumpstart your countdown to Halloween:

1. Takashi Miike’s Audition: The Japanese are known for their horror flick scare tactics, and this one is no different. After it’s theatrical release in Japan in 2000, Audition garnered quite a cult-following.

2. Lucio Fulci’s The House By The Cemetery: Enjoy the good old family-moves-into-haunted-house narrative.

3. Bryon Turk’s The Bates Haunting: A spin-off of Hitchcock’s Psycho, explore the bloody depths of the Haunt as the female lead investigates  a string of freak accidents that claim the lives of her coworkers.


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