Kerry Washington Pregnant with First Child

The secret’s out but this time, there is no scandal in need of Olivia Pope’s fixing skills. Kerry Washington and husband Nnamdi Asomugha are expecting their first child. Washington and the San Francisco 49ers cornerback tied the knot in a secret wedding in late June. The Scandal star is four months along.

This weekend, Washington hosts Saturday Night Live for the first time. The Scandal star is four months along and, as a source told E! News, “She had planned to wait longer because the pregnancy is being well hidden on Scandal with her trademark coats, but it will be pretty obvious [on SNL.]”

Gladiators, start your predictions now. Will Liv and Fitz have a baby? Will the baby be Jake’s, forcing Olivia to end the affair forever? Will Cyrus adopt a second child to save the state of the free world? Will Mellie have another out-of-character drunken monologue of greatness once her baby is upstaged by her rival’s?



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