Who is Betty Who? Pop’s Emerging Starlet


If you don’t know who Betty Who is, you may want to get to know her.  The Australian-born, New York-based musician might just be pop’s next big starlet and I was glad to discover that some pop enthusiasts are starting to agree. The 22-year-old released a deliciously playful 4-song EP back in April called The Movement and has been creating some semi-seismic waves in the New York City pop scene as of late, performing to sold-out crowds across the city in the last few months, including a show at All Things Gold CMJ and an encore show at Slake the following day.  All of her remaining shows in 2013, except two, are already sold out. Her catchy record has charmingly strong hints of 80’s pop and is reminiscent of Katy Perry in her Teenage Dream phase.

Who’s cheery “Somedboy Loves You” might already sound familiar to you. Buzz about the song spiked after it was the featured soundtrack of a viral video proposal. A dance mob of friends and family performed a choreographed number to Who’s song in the middle of a Salt Lake City Home Depot, as Utah native Spencer Stout proposed to his boyfriend Dustin. The video went viral two days after Stout posted it on YouTube and has more than 10.5 million views to date.  Days later, Who signed a record deal with RCA and is set to release her first full-length album in early 2014.   She’ll soon be saying goodbye to New York for a while and heading off for her first East Coast tour next month.


PolicyMic recently sat down with the fledgling pop darling for an interview published on the site today. Here are a few things readers learned about Who from the interview.

(1) Her musical inspirations include Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, Carole King, Michael Jackson and most recently Prince. She’s also currently going through a Phoenix phase. “I’m late to the game,” she told the PolicyMic.

(2) Her stage name (her real name is Jessica Anne Newham) originates from a song she wrote at 17 titled “Betty Who” about “this boy who wouldn’t love me because he was too conservative and I had to many gay friends”

(3) If she could have one celebrity song-writer craft a song for her, it’d be Miguel. She would “literally kill” for that. “I’m obsessed with everything he is doing. His music is so new and different and individual and exciting.”

(4) She considers Beyonce’s “Kitty Kat” the most underrated song and Taylor Swift’s “We are Never Ever Getting Back Together” the most overrated of her favorite pop divas’ catalogues.

(5) If, or rather when, overwhelming fame hits, she plans to meltdown Britney-style, circa 2007. “I love the idea of–if I was going to do anything–I would shave my head and have a Vegas wedding.”

Download Who’s The Movement for free on her site and see the official music video and viral proposal video for “Somebody Loves You” below.

-Morgan R.


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