Regis is down with the WU by Adam Lehrer




I have always been down with Regis, almost as much as I am down with the Wu. That is a gross overstatement, but seriously, Regis has always seemed pretty funny to me. He he reminds me of a mega-rich, upper west side, non-racist and spray-tanned version of my grandfather (on my mother’s side, my papa on the other hand as a Jew always sympathized with the plight of minorities in this country). I have always liked my grandfather, loved him even. He’s sweet, he’s my grandpa. But I have never respected him all that much. I feel similarly lukewarm towards Regis.

That is until I saw this photo that Questlove tweeted this week. Here, Regis is rocking a Wu Tang Clan “Protect ya’ Neck” tee with two of the best Wu bangas evah, Raekwon (left) (not Cappadonna as Noisey’s horribly edited web content wrongly reported earlier this week) and Ghostface Killah (right).

I have no idea what the circumstances leading to this photo being shot were, or if Regis has any ideas who the hell these two large, scary guys are that are next to him. Regis, retired and free of having to wake up at 5 am to suffer through the horrid fake kindness of Kelly Ripa, he’s ready to venture out and experience some multi-culturalism. The Wu always said that cash rules everything around them, Regis has lots and lots of cash. That is symbiosis right there. Cameo on the new record please!



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