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Jimmy Kimmel’s 3rd Annual Halloween Prank Doesn’t Disappoint

Everyone knows Jimmy Kimmel loves a good prank. And probably his best one is his oldest…or youngest. For the past three years, Kimmel has parents videotape their kids reactions after they tell them they ate all their Halloween candy. What ensues is a raging tornado of kiddie fury full of screaming, wailing, and and lots of stomping. Enjoy.



Jack Nicholson In The Shining Is Still Terrifying, According to 10,000 Viewers’ Heart Rates

The Shining

The Guardian reports that viewers polled by WebsitePlay.com were particularly terrified by Jack Nicholson’s “Here’s Johnny!” scene in Stanley Kubrick’s classic remake of Stephen King’s The Shining when hooked up to heart monitors and exposed to different horror films made over the years. Head to head with The Exorcist and Nightmare on Elm Street among 10 other films, The Exorcist came out on top as the movie producing the most overall body shock, but Nicholson’s Jack Torrance, paired with Kubrick’s mastery of tension through audio and iconic shots, had viewers’ pulses shooting up by 28.2%.

I would’ve petitioned that Linda Blair’s silent crab-walking down the stairs in The Exorcist deserved a high rating, but perhaps it’s because I’ve seen The Shining so many times that Jack Torrance is kind of endearing to me at this point. This Halloween weeknight, I suggest staying in, popping some corn, and cuddling up on the couch to watch Jack Torrance hysterically chase his wife through an empty Colorado hotel. Make sure you catch the “Here’s Johnny” scene, though my favorite part is actually when Wendy attempts to hit her deranged husband with a bat with the most ineffectual swings, ever.

Suzie Hodges

Hulu Horror Binge

For all those lovers of bloody cult classics and good old b-movie gore, Hulu is joining forces with Fangoria, the slasher film fan magazine, to craft a new horror channel just in time for Halloween season. The magazine’s staff will cull from an extensive catalog of bloody favorites and Hulu will host them for their viewers’ streaming pleasures, adding new selections to its offerings each day. So if you’re tired of the usual spooky fare, go ahead and bask in an indie pre-Halloween movie bender. Check out the trailers below for just a few to jumpstart your countdown to Halloween:

1. Takashi Miike’s Audition: The Japanese are known for their horror flick scare tactics, and this one is no different. After it’s theatrical release in Japan in 2000, Audition garnered quite a cult-following.

2. Lucio Fulci’s The House By The Cemetery: Enjoy the good old family-moves-into-haunted-house narrative.

3. Bryon Turk’s The Bates Haunting: A spin-off of Hitchcock’s Psycho, explore the bloody depths of the Haunt as the female lead investigates  a string of freak accidents that claim the lives of her coworkers.