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The Craziest Hot Pockets Commercial with Snoop Dogg and Kate Upton

Hot Pockets pulled out all the stops for a new ad that pits Snoop Dogg (guess he ditched the Lion moniker?) and Bow Wow against KevJumba and Oliver Cooper to win Kate Upton’s heart (taste buds?). Snoop plays a baker — you know, it’s funny because Snoop says “bake” like a hundred times! Ha ha! Even Larry King makes a cameo. One wonders if he needed the money or just wanted to meet Ms. Upton. Plus, whoever provides the uncredited vocals sounds just like Biz Markie, who sang the original “Just A Friend.”

Will Kate choose #TeamCrust or #TeamMeat? I’m pretty sure nobody eats Hot Pockets for the “meat” inside, so whatever new version they’re shilling had better live up to this song parody. Between all the hashtags and celebrity appearances (and Minecraft sequence, just in case nerds are watching), it’s hard to tell whether this will be a viral hit or merely a try-hard stunt. Personally, I’m not convinced that even Kate Upton could make Hot Pockets look delicious, but I appreciate the effort.

—Laura L.